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So - Is it Brush Clearing or Land Clearing?

Years ago we began using the term "Brush Clearing" because many excavating companies used the term "Land Clearing" to describe how they handled brush and trees.

Excavating equipment is great for shaping the ground and moving dirt, but it can't help build topsoil or feed cleared vegetation back into your ground.

Mulching machines and specialized vegetation control equipment can make your property better - feeding the soil while the land is cleared, & eliminating piles, tree holes, and burning. These methods also leave your existing topsoil in place, along with the seed bank and grass roots that were already there just waiting for a chance to work for you!

Mulching vegetation puts a tremendous amount of organic matter into the soil. Each 1% of organic matter in the soil mixture has the ability to hold 1.5 quarts of water per cubic foot. Increasing the organic matter in your soil by 3% in the top 6 inches of soil, can make your ground hold 27,000 gallons more water per acre. That's a "water bank", slowing down the run off of heavy rains and collecting that water for your grass to use during the dry season.

Thats why we call what we do brush clearing instead of land clearing. Can we do a better job of clearing brush and trees than could be done using excavating equipment to remove vegetation? YOU BET WE CAN!!!

Are we Brush and Tree Clearers or Land Clearers? Let's leave that up to you!

  Our Services Include:                                

  • Tree & Brush Mulching to ANY size

  • Selective Tree Shearing & Sawing

  • Whole Tree Chipping or Mulching

  • Rotary Mowing

  • Stump Grinding

  • Brush Grapple Work


    Property Projects Include:
  • Woodlot Mowing
  • Pasture Reclamation
  • Wildlife Habitat
  • Roads and Trails Opened
  • Fence Line Enhancement
  • Survey Line Clearing
  • Home Site Clearing
  • Storm Debris
  Commercial Projects Include:
  • ROW Construction Clearing
  • ROW Floor Mowing
  • ROW Reclamation
  • Tower Site Clearing

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Our commitment to excellence includes hiring the best employees as well as utilizing the best quality equipment. This combination produces the best quality job for our clients.

The Bron 595 Horse Power Mulcher changes the game completely when it comes to larger jobs or larger diameter material. This machine can mulch any size tree, stump, or rootball, and it does the job fast! The mulcher is a smooth drum style that gives the same high quality mulched product that is produced by our smaller mulchers, but this one just doesn't stop for anything! The Bron weighs 55,000 Lbs, but with super width tracks it only puts about 6.5 PSI onto the ground, and the double grouser bars can take this machine just about anywhere, without leaving ruts behind!

The Bron 595 can handle large tracts of acreage, big ROW projects, dense cedar overgrowth, or just about any big job you can throw at it. We started Great Views wanting to be able to help private individuals with projects, as well as working commercial and government projects, and we won't ever move away from that model. There are times where the smaller Takeuchi machines are more efficient and cost effective. The Bron allows us to also bring an ecomnomy of scale to those projects that were previously too costly to complete with the smaller machines. If you felt like you had challenges just too big to handle, give us a call....The Bron 595 just might be the answer. Check our YouTube and video links to see this 595 Horse Power machine in action!


Our Bandit Model 2090 Chipper has allowed us to add chipping service for our clients. This 200 Horse Power whole tree chipper can handle logs up to 20 inches in diameter, and it has a grapple arm for feeding material into the chipper chute. This grapple increases operator safety and efficiency, allowing us to chip trees with maximum productivity. Large brush and tree piles can now be turned into a useful chip product, great for landscaping, bedding, or spreading onto thin soil to break down into additional organic matter for moisture retention.
You'll definitely want to check out our videos to see this monster at work!


Our Takeuchi TL12 dedicated track machines are perfect for any terrain - including wet or muddy conditions, & working on steeper inclines. These machines have incredible power and traction for working in those tough spots where a wheel style machine just can't do the job. The Takeuchi TL12s have replaced the TL250, the CAT machine and the Bobcat machines seen in some of the images below.

These two machines are up to spec on environmental compliance with computerized diesel engines and exhaust particulate filtration. Boasting 108 HP, they get the job done quickly, and leave your ground in good condition. We take operator safety very seriously, and these machines keep our guys safe and comfortable in any weather conditions.

We have matched our large two-speed, high-flow loader style machines to attachments that can fully utilize their capabilities.

Great Views utilizes two HM312 Mulching Heads that can take down and grind up anything from weeds to 6 inch diameter trees. These "grinders" leave the root system intact, helping to prevent erosion, while grinding up what is above ground into a mulch-like material. This method of brush clearing is more friendly to the environment than dozing, and provides a 1-step process for quickly removing undesirable vegetation.

If you have heard the myth about mulching "sterilizing" the soil, see the note about mulching at the bottom of the page.

The Harleman Ground Force Tree Saw can cut off trees from an inch in diameter to over 2 feet!
The 42 inch blade on this saw allows us to cut off large trees perfectly flush with the ground, so future mowing or discing operations have nothing to hang-up on. This saw is extremely productive, and it can be used to do a clear & stack operation very economically. When used in combination with the Bandit 2090 chipper, brush and tree piles can be turned into piles of usable wood chips. The blade also turns vertically to help cut material to a manageable size.
Harleman has done it again with this attachment, and in our opinion they produce some of the best quality attachments there are - and the good folks there in Eldorado Springs, MO stand behind their products like few other manufacturers. Kudos to these guys!

The 16" Capacity Hydra-Clip Tree Shear made by M&M Engineered Products cuts flush with the ground and also has an integral grapple that allows us to selectively remove trees and carry them to collection piles. This not only saves time, but also can help reduce the spread of tire puncturing thorns when clearing larger locust trees by carrying the trees to the burn piles instead of dragging them. The grapple also helps us maneuver the tree while bringing it down to the ground, thereby reducing damage to any desirable trees remaining in the surrounding area. We believe this to be the absolute best shear on the market and the manufacturer takes wonderful care of their customers.

The BrushCat Rotary Mower can "bush-hog" along fence lines, in open fields, or in woodlots. This heavy duty mower has the capacity to cut brush up to 2 inches in diameter just like we were mowing the lawn. This is the tool for that thick multiflora rose, or the briar patch. The 72 inch width and up front mounting allows for maneuvering between and around trees, making woodlot mowing a practical reality.

The Stumper 280 High Flow Stump Grinder can grind out a 12 inch stump in just minutes. It is simply a beast. This stump grinder runs on the front of the machines in High Flow mode, and can go from stump to stump with no set-up time. If you have a lot of field stumps, this attachment can make your future mowing days a lot easier.


The Grapple/Rake makes brush pickup fast and economical. Whether collecting those ice storm branches that remain at your field edges, or moving large rocks and small boulders to provide landscaping focal points in the yard, this grapple can help make the labor quicker and easier. With over 3000Lbs of clamping force, large piles of brush can be picked up and carried to burn piles, where the machine compacts the debris into a tight pile that burns more completely. We have used this grapple more than any other attachment at our own place, and it has been a major force in our cleanup efforts from the January 2007 ice storms.

The Combination Bucket provides a useful tool for road and dirt work. Our business specialty is brush clearing, not earth work. Occasionally though, a client has a need for us to do some road grading or dirt moving and we can help with this attachment. The combination bucket works like any other dirt bucket, but it has a flip up front end that also allows it to be used as a dozer blade, a dump bucket, a grapple, or any one of several other uses. If you need that pile of chat spread out on the driveway, we can help.

If you need to see our commercial services page you can click HERE FOR our COMMERCIAL INFO.

We are happy to visit with you at your project site, and provide a free quote based on your desires and budget. Every project is different, and estimates of production given over the phone are not really valid, but a site visit allows us to really discuss the scope of your needs and prioritize the desired results. Our service area extends through-out southern Missouri, and we schedule site visits as quickly as the production schedule allows.

We are a family owned and operated LLC, providing outstanding service to both commercial clients and private land owners.

Please take a look at our before and after shots of a few job sites and some more detailed pictures of our featured equipment in action that are posted below.
Most of the after shots were taken on the same day as the before shots, and some were taken before final cleanup.

If you have broadband internet access and would like to see some video of these machines
in action you can click HERE FOR VIDEOS or you can visit the GVBrush YouTube page directly.

These shots show the Bandit 2090 chipper in action. Notice the trees are brought to the chipper with the loaders, then run through using the chipper grapple. The last two pictures show the good quality chips that are produce when chipping larger wood.

This is a shot sequence showing the Harleman saw in action.
Notice the flush cut of the stump on this tree and the other stump pictures!

Here are a few more tree saw shots showing the saw in the vertical position used for limbing and cutting large trees to manageable lengths.


These shots were taken of a back-yard project to clear the brush for better views. The larger trees were piled into burn piles after mulching and mowing the area:

This hunting acreage was cleared for better views and a future cabin site:

The Ground Force Mower in action:

Clearing a radio antenna tower site. This job involved mulching the underbrush and then shearing lots of cedar trees. The trees were chipped and the chips spread on the ground:

Clearing a fence row of cedar trees under the phone lines. This required some technical shearing and then mulching the small stuff:

Clearing for a new fenceline and better view of property along the road:

Grinding out stumps below ground level - The ground was still wet underneath!:

A "shear and drop" job clearing cedars and locust trees that the property owner would pile and burn:

A "shear and stack" job clearing oak sprouts and stacking to burn. Note that all the trunks face the same way in the stacks making for a tightly packed and easy burning pile:

Brush mulching for fence building and clearing to let grass grow:

More brush clearing with the HM312 mulching head:

8 acres of oak scrub and stumps cleared with the HM312 mulching head and the Stumper 280.
This job was completed in 3 days despite the trees being extremely thick and taller than the Skidsteer,
and the field being full of old large stumps!

Quick grinding of yard stumps (property owner chose to do final cleanup).
This job actually included over 100 stumps and was completed in just over 3 hours!

This field was full of small cedar and locust trees.
Picture on the left is before clean up and the right picture is after using the rotary mower and shearing locust trees.

This set shows a left view of the same field as above before and after clearing.

Fenceline mowing:

The Grapple in action:

After thinning out the underbrush this property owner was able to see the potential home sites available on the property. Note previous clearings had been dozed off leaving debris piled at the edges:

Selective clearing of hunting acreage that had become too overgrown:

A Note about Mulching:
There is a myth going around that mulching "sterilizes the soil". Our years of experience show that this is not true at all, and the folks that spread this rumor seem to be the ones who do not want to invest the amount of money needed to purchase the proper equipment for the job. We go back to revisit job sites on a regular basis, and our customers love the results they get with native grass regrowth or applying seed to the "disturbed" soil immediately after mulching.

Mulching leaves the root systems intact in the ground and a layer of mulch on top, both of which help prevent soil erosion. This is very important on our thin-soiled Ozark hillsides. Mulching also breaks up the root crown of hardwood sprouts like oak and hickory trees. Our experience has shown that doing this during the fall and early winter when a hard freeze can affect the damaged root crown reduces sprout-back by as much as 80% over using a rotary mower that cuts sprouts off above the root crown.

The myth of soil sterilization could have started from someone applying a layer of "chipped" material that is dense enough to prevent regrowth, or the use of saw dust as mulch. Chips produced by a wood chipper can stop plant regrowth due to their shape and tendency to form a dense layer, but they are very different from the shredded material produced by a blunt toothed drum style mulcher. Sawdust also can prevent regrowth by using up ALL of the nitrogen in the soil as the sawdust decomposes.

The fact is that the National Forest Service as well as many state forestry and conservation agencies specify mulching in sensitive areas where the desired native plants have been over-run by invasive species. These agencies have done the testing that proves that mulching provides the perfect solution for invasive species abatement, including Eastern Red Cedar, Bush Honeysuckle, Multiflora Rose and others. Mulching heads and mulching machines cost tens of thousands of dollars, and you can count on it that any company that invests in one has researched the benefits for their customers before spending that kind of money.

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